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Unique Hardwood Floor Look & Feel
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Handscraped wood floors are a creative way to completely change the look of any style home. At handscrapedfloors.com we can customize your floors with a variety of colors and different styles of hand scraping. With over ten years of wood flooring experience we will achieve the look that pleases our customers.

There are companies in the wood industry that have developed machines to distress a pre-finished product that does not compare to the look or price of our product. We still rely on intensive labor to distress our floors, and we take pride in the quality of our work.

The popularity of handscraped floors continues to grow every year, and we want you to understand why. Whether installing new hardwoods or refinishing existing hardwoods we are here to serve you.

Please fell free to contact us at info@handscrapedfloors.com

We proudly service Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana.  Please check the Contacts page for more information.

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